I was in New York City a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t help but notice the sea of Louis Vuitton handbags everywhere I looked.  Women had them on 5th Ave., the subway, at the museums, cafes in Little Italy–even on Coney Island!  I suddenly convinced myself that my life would be so much better if I owned one of my own.  Then I began to devise a plan to save up for the massive purchase.  As you handbag lovers know—these LV bags are pretty costly pieces of arm candy—the cheapest is around $900.

Then, this week, a miracle happened!  I discovered that Coach has released their Fall 2012 collection…

Now, I have been a faithful Coach shopper for years.  However, in recent times, the Coach label has really taken a downfall.  Those hideous “C” bags in every shape and color—ugh.  Finally, Coach has returned to their roots!  This new line features the “Legacy” bags that Coach debuted in the 1970’s.  Coach has modernized them with bold colors and some slight changes to the hardware and design.  The bottom line though is that COACH IS BACK!  These simplistic designs are what coach is known for—not to mention the gorgeous quality leather.  Coach even has some great new shoes and coats in the Fall Collection too!

I haven’t heard any prices yet, but you can be sure these will be a bit less than the LV’s.   The Coach bags are modern classics and stylish as well.  Can you tell that I am excited?

This collection is really a homage to the heyday of Coach—back when “The Official Preppy Handbook” was on the best-seller’s list.  “True Preps” out there will be in heaven!  Who said Coach had fallen from the top of the preppiest brands?  Muffy Aldrich, eat your heart out!

The new Coach line hits stores on August 1st.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the new collection:


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