Which is your favorite Jackie look?

JackieJacqueline Kennedy Onassis is the biggest style icon of the 20th Century.  Over the years, Jackie’s styles changed as her life changed.

Jackie spent 7 years living in Georgetown after she married JFK.  The film “Roman Holiday” had just premiered, starring Audrey Hepburn.  Jackie cut her hair very short, just as Audrey’s hair is cut in the movie.  Jackie also favored the classic looks of the day—capri pants, ballet flats, full skirts, pencil skirts, strapless ball gowns, silk wraps, cardigan sweaters, and form fitting short-sleeved sweaters.  Jackie was also a master of accessories—small structured handbag, pearls, white gloves, stud earrings, kitten heels, charm bracelets, and a super cool monogramed belt (check out the pic below)!


As First Lady of the United States, Jackie’s style evolved again.  Now Jackie preferred bright colors, printed fabrics, sleeveless dresses, and bouffant hairstyles.   Jackie kept her accessories simple—pearl necklace, bigger stud earrings, larger structured handbags, cat-eye sunglasses, and of course—the pillbox hat!  Jackie chose Oleg Cassini to be her official designer.  However, she liked wearing the occasional Chanel suit and Lilly Pulitzer dresses while vacationing in Cape Cod or Palm Beach.


When Jackie married Greek shipping magnate, Aristotle Onassis, she moved to Europe and spent the late 1960’s and 1970’s living on the Greek Island of Skorpios.  Jackie often traveled to Capri and Paris during this time.  Jackie’s style became more relaxed.  She grew her hair longer and wore it straighter.  Jackie had Ari’s unlimited funds to spend on top designer clothes.  Her favorite designers were Yves Saint Laurent, Halston, and Dior.  Jackie loved belted coats, pant suits, white pants with t-shirts, long flowy skirts, peasant shirts, and silk blouses.  The accessories that Jackie chose were head scarves, chain belts, long necklaces, big earrings, heeled loafers, knee-high boots, and flat sandals.  Sometimes, Jackie preferred no shoes at all!  No look would ever be complete without Jackie’s large statement sunglasses!


Jackie moved back to New York after Aristotle Onassis died and began working as a book editor in Manhattan.  For work, Jackie wore cotton or silk blouses, slacks, and skirts.  Jackie was often seen around her Manhattan apartment in jeans and sneakers.  Jackie’s hair did not change much—she kept it basic with the shoulder length straight style.  Her look definitely had become much more casual by this time!  Accessories became much simpler too—a chain necklace, leather strap watch, gold band, low heeled shoes, and classic Gucci handbags.  Jackie remained faithful to her favorite accessory—her large sunglasses.  Those “Jackie O” sunglasses are the single accessory that is still synonymous with Jackie today.


Jackie’s style is still copied today by women all over the world.  Which of Jackie’s styles is your favorite look?


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