How to be a Hitchcock Blonde…

Eva Marie SaintGrace, Tippi, Kim, and Eva Marie. These actresses were Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous leading ladies. There are two movies about Alfred Hitchcock currently under production and Hitchcock’s 1958 “Vertigo” just ousted “Citizen Kane” as #1 on BFI’s Best Movies of All Time List. With all of this renewed interest in Hitchcock, I thought it was time to devote a blog to the most popular Hitchcock Blondes.

The Hitchcock Blonde look is easy for any woman to achieve. Hitchcock wanted his heroines to dress in a very classic style. He didn’t want to date his films by following current fashion trends. As a result, viewers can watch these films in the 21st century and they are still timeless. A Hitchcock Blonde always looks classy, polished, and sophisticated. Below, I listed a few key pieces that you may choose to pick up if you want to be a Hitchcock Blonde—or just look like one! These pieces are also affordable. There is no need to break the bank just to look like a million bucks!

The first step to becoming a Hitchcock Blonde is to…be blonde! A champagne blonde color is best–not too golden and not too bleached. Your hair should be cut into a soft, wavy bob. If you prefer to have longer hair, put it up in a chignon.

Now it’s time to talk about your wardrobe. To look the part of the Hitchcock Blonde, you should stick to a neutral color scheme. Your closet should be full of whites, blacks, grays, beiges, browns, and navy blues. Below are a couple of pictures of Kim Novak’s most popular costumes from “Vertigo”. These looks are classic. They are staples for any wardrobe and you will never have to worry about them going out of style. “Vertigo” is over 50 years old and these outfits still look amazing and modern. The beige heels are great because they will literally match EVERYTHING in your wardrobe. The neutral beige eliminates the need to own any other colored heels. You can even wear beige heels with a black dress—just as Kim did!

Kim Novak in Vertigo

Kim Novak in Vertigo

Jessica Simpson Beige Pumps--$78

Jessica Simpson Beige Pumps–$78

Calvin Klein Dress--$40, DKNY Coat--$198

Calvin Klein Dress–$40, DKNY Coat–$198

Anne Klein Suit--$118

Anne Klein Suit–$118

When it comes to jewelry, you want to keep your pieces small and feminine. Below is a picture of Eva Marie Saint’s watch in “North by Northwest”. The thin leather strap and small gold trimmed face looks simple and elegant.

Eva Marie Saint in North by Northeast

Eva Marie Saint in North by Northeast

Kate Spade Carlyle Watch--$195

Kate Spade Carlyle Watch–$195

Grace Kelly was Hitchcock’s favorite leading lady. She appeared in three of Hitch’s films in the 1950’s before ending her acting career to become the Princess of Monaco. As one of the most admired film stars of her time, Grace Kelly was a leading fashion icon. Grace made wearing glasses sexy. She was one of the first movie stars to wear spectacles with a ball gown and pearls! Who else could pull off this look? You can!

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

Tom Ford Cat-Eye Frames--$270

Tom Ford Cat-Eye Frames–$270

The other fashion trend that Grace is known for is the first “It Bag”. Grace’s “It Bag” was this Hermès handle bag, named “Kelly” after her. Grace used her Hermès bag to shield photographers from her pregnant stomach! Today, you can steal this look without spending $12,000 on a real Hermès handbag. J. Crew makes a very similar tailored bag—with a much smaller price tag.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

J. Crew Edie Attaché Handbag--$288

J. Crew Edie Attaché Handbag–$288

Who knew that a white pajama set could look so hot? Eva Marie Saint wore this pajama set on her honeymoon in “North by Northwest”. Personally, I think that great pajamas are a luxury that no woman should skimp on. Treat yourself to a nice set of pajamas—you want to find the right balance of attractiveness and comfortablness. When shopping, ask yourself if you look as great as Eva does in her pajama set. That is how you know that you have found the right ones! Apparently, Cary Grant is really into this look!

Eva Marie Saint and Cary Grant in North by Northwest

Eva Marie Saint and Cary Grant in North by Northwest

Soma Intimates makes a white pajama set in their “Cool Nights” line. These pajamas are fantastic because the knit draws perspiration away from skin to keep you cool and dry while you sleep. I also love the lace details—very feminine!

Soma Intimates Pajama Top--$39, Bottoms--$39

Soma Intimates Pajama Top–$39, Bottoms–$39

Finally, the Hitchcock Blonde look would not be complete without groomed, red nails. Tippi Hedren’s are long and manicured. If you don’t like your nails long, at least paint them red! Tippi’s red nails are timeless. Red nails will give a pop of color to your neutral wardrobe. This Essie Aperitif shade is perfect because it is not too bright and not too dark. You can find Essie nail colors at your local drugstores.

Tippi Hedren in The Birds

Tippi Hedren in The Birds

Essie Aperitif Nail Color--$8

Essie Aperitif Nail Color–$8

I hope these tips will find you on your way to becoming the best leading lady in your own life!


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