Louis’ Muse

Louis Vuitton

American model, Arizona Muse, is the new face of Louis Vuitton.  She first appeared in ads for LV in Spring 2012 and is now the center of the new launch for Fall 2012.  LV’s first-ever commercial appeared last week, featuring Muse.  Muse awakes in her bed in Paris.  Wrapped in lace-trimmed sheets, she holds a key on a black cord.  The next shot shows Muse dressing in a black turtleneck, grey A-line skirt, black pointed-toe heels, and of course—her Louis Vuitton Speedy bag.  Muse walks the streets of Paris until she ends up at the Louvre.  At the Louvre, she finds a LV trunk, which she uses her key to unlock.  Inside the trunk is an envelope.  Muse runs through the Louvre while a very dashing man chases her.  Finally she takes off in a red and white striped hot air balloon.  The next chapter of the story continues in 2013. The campaign is a hommage to Vuitton’s original line of business — travel — which dates back to 1854.

Never has a commercial inspired me so much to… buy a handbag, travel to Paris, or curl my hair!  Fingers crossed that Muse will also be the face of LV when the first-ever fragrance is launched in 2013!


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