The Book Nook


Winter is at last here!  What a perfect time to curl up inside your warm home and catch up on a little reading, while looking out the window at the falling snow.

If you don’t have a designated spot in your home for reading, perhaps now is the time to set one up.  Find a little space where you can have quiet time.  Fill it with the things that you love–the things that make you feel warm and cozy.  I am a lover of color, so my book nook has to be oozing with vibrant colors.  My husband calls it “seizure inducing”.  I call it “perfection”!  You will need a chair–I prefer a chaise lounge,  a reading lamp–preferably a floor lamp for overhead lighting,  a pillow and a soft blanket, a little table for holding your hot beverage of choice, and of course–a great book.

I designed my ideal reading nook for your viewing pleasure.  All of the pieces in the room are individually listed below.  Hopefully, you will find some inspiration to create a “book nook” of your own.  Enjoy January and stay warm!


Dale Tiffany Floor Lamp


Mona Lisa Toss Pillow


Vera Bradley Blanket


Banned Books Mug


Kelly Swallow Chaise Lounge

book7Mackenzie Childs End Table

Home Depot Accent Rug


Bemelmans’ Paris  Print


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