Fit To Be Tied

hermes 01

The scarf is the single chicest accessory of modern times.   A scarf can add instant elegance when draped over the head, around the neck, or around the waist.   A scarf can complete an ensemble or completely alter an ensemble.  Every woman needs to have several in her wardrobe.   When it comes to purchasing silk scarves–go big or go home!  Go Hermès!hermes 02

hermes 03

Hermès (pronounced AIR-mehz), began as saddle craftsmen for Europe’s noblemen in 19th century Paris.   Following women’s handbags and couture apparel, Hermès began producing silk scarves in 1937.   The Hermès designers drew inspiration from books, paintings, and objects of art.  The luxury scarves were of extremely good quality–they were stronger and heavier than any other scarves of the time.

hermes 04

Jackie Onassis was a huge fan of Hermès scarves.  She preferred to wrap them over her hair and knot them under her chin.  Jackie would complete the look with her trademark dark sunglasses.  Of all of the Hermès designs, Jackie’s favorites were the Horoscope collections.

hermes 05

Grace Kelly was also a collector of Hermès scarves.  Grace liked to tie them around her neck, around her head–and she even used a Hermès scarf as a sling when she broke her arm!

hermes 06

Queen Elizabeth has been sporting Hermès scarves since the 1950’s.  A 1956 postage stamp shows Queen Elizabeth in a Hermès scarf.

hermes 07

From the company’s scarf designers sketchpads to the final inspection, making a Hermès scarf can take as long as two years and include as many as 40 artisans.  Each scarf is individually screen-printed by hand with vegetable dye and the scarves that do not pass inspection are destroyed.  Each added color dries for a month before the next color is applied.  Designers choose from over 200,000 different colors. The scarves are made at a factory in Lyon, France.  Hermès has also designed scarves to leave a scent on the skin. The fragrance will stay on the scarf for at least five washings.

hermes 08

Two silk-scarf collections are released per year, along with some reprints of older designs and limited editions. And two collections per year are introduced in a cashmere/silk blend.  Since 1937, Hermès has produced over 25,000 unique designs.  The horse motif is particularly famous and popular.

hermes 09

A Hermès scarf is sold somewhere in the world every 25 seconds.  In recent years, the little orange gift boxes from the boutiques have become as much of a collectable as the scarves themselves!

hermes 10

For their Spring/Summer 2010 collection, Hermès released these cards to show women all of the possibilities for how to wear a Hermès scarf.  In case you are at a loss for how to tie your scarf, check out the pictures below.  As you can see, there is no shortage of options on how a Hermès scarf can be worn.

hermes 11

hermes 12 hermes 12A hermes 12B hermes 12C hermes 12D hermes 12E hermes 12F hermes 12G hermes 12H hermes 12I hermes 12J hermes 12K hermes 12L hermes 12M hermes 12N hermes 12O hermes 12Q hermes 12R hermes 12S hermes 12T hermes 12U

Below are some of my favorite scarves from the new collection.   I love the colorful and unique designs!

hermes 13 hermes 14 hermes 15

Hermès has boutiques all over the world — 25 are in the Unites States.

The classic fashion staple has become completely synonymous with good taste, elegance, and French culture.

So, if you only purchase one luxury object in Paris, make it a Hermès scarf!  So beautiful, versatile, and well worth every euro!


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  1. Pertama kali saya baca blog awak… saya kurang bersetuju dengan idea2
    awak… tapi setelah baca berulang kali…
    saya dah faham… saya minta maaf sbb buruk sangka dengan awak selama nie…

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