Jackie and Rose


Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis  loved being a grandmother just as much as she loved being a mother to her own children.  When her first grandchild was born in 1988, it was Jackie who chose the baby’s name.  Although Jackie never got along with her former mother-in-law, Jackie named the little girl Rose after Rose Kennedy.  Jackie reportedly said “The old bat’s about 100 years old, so let’s give her some respect.”  Jackie spent almost every day at her daughter Caroline’s apartment on Park Avenue in New York City, visiting with Rose and later Rose’s younger sister, Tatiana and her brother, Jack.  Jackie often took Rose to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park for some quiet bonding time.  Rose was only 5 when her grandmother passed away from lymphoma.


Today, Rose Kennedy Schlossberg is a 24 year-old Harvard graduate.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and has an interest in film production.   Rose also shows some hints of a possible future in politics.  She donated $350 to Barack Obama’s campaign, volunteered for Democrat Alan Khazei’s losing campaign for US Senate, and made a joke about needing to hurry up after her uncle, Patrick Kennedy, chose not to seek re-election to his Rhode Island congressional seat.

Rose is also known for her Bouvier good-looks.  Her resemblance to her late grandmother is remarkable!  Rose also seems to have inherited Jackie’s excellent sense of style!  Rose is definitely someone we will be hearing much more about in the upcoming years!

Check out the pics below to see the resemblance!

rose101 rose102 rose104 rose105 rose106 rose107


One thought on “Jackie and Rose

  1. “Jackie and Rose” bring back a lot of memories for me. Kiki ‘s blogs are always very interesting and well written. Enjoy them always.

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