The Duke and Duchess of New England

Kiel James Patrick and Sarah Vickers

Muffy Aldrich, the queen of all-things prep, first introduced me to Kiel James Patrick and Sarah Vickers last year through her blog, “The Daily Prep”. Muffy listed Kiel James Patrick as one of the quality “Preppy Companies on My Radar”.  I had never heard of Kiel James Patrick before, so I had to take a look and see what I was missing.

Kiel, Sarah, and friends

Kiel James Patrick is the founder and chief designer of a line of bracelets and other accessories that embody the New England lifestyle. Kiel’s interest in fashion started when he was in high school in Rhode Island. Kiel began selling outrageously patterned blazers and pants out of the trunk of his Jeep.  The school cracked down on the dress code, so Kiel then created eye-catching ties, belts and bracelets that could be worn to class under the uniform, in order to keep pushing the dress code rules.

Kiel James Patrick merchandise

After high school, Kiel and his girlfriend, Sarah Vickers, made hundreds of bracelets and began selling to Crafters Markets in Cape Cod.  To their surprise, they sold out of the bracelets in ONE day! Years later, Kiel and Sarah now have a factory in Rhode Island to make the bracelets, ties, and belts and their employees hand-package and ship the merchandise. Even after achieving success, Kiel and Sarah have not lost their love for quality and American-made products.

SV 05A

Kiel’s inspiration comes from the nautical themes of the East Coast. There are also themes of Ivy League New England schools and New England sports. Sarah has added a feminine touch to the collection by designing a line of bow bracelets (shown below), headbands, handbags, and earrings.

Sarah and friends

Sarah Vickers has become known as a fashionista in her own right through her blog “Classy Girls Wear Pearls.” Kiel and Sarah have received much media attention for their talent and good-looks. Many have compared Sarah to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Sarah Vickers

For a young couple, Kiel and Sarah have already achieved large success. They are an inspiration to young people who dream of becoming entrepreneurs. Kiel and Sarah are also an inspiration to American business owners–as they prove that it is affordable and possible to make quality products in America.

Sarah and Kiel at Harvard

For anyone who enjoys or admires the preppy lifestyle, this couple are new American icons. Not only do they look like they came off the pages of a Ralph Lauren catalog, they are really living the life each day! Sarah chronicles their lives through photos on her blog and it is quite fun to look through her pictures–for both her fashion style and for the great New England backdrops! You will find yourself pining for summers on Martha’s Vineyard!

Sarah and Kiel at sea

So, while the snow is falling, make yourself a nice bowl of clam chowder and check these two out!

(Btw, here is a great, authentic chowder recipe!)

Kiel and Sarah in Rhode Island

See the latest products at Kiel James Patrick’s website.

SV 02

…And see Sarah’s blog at Classy Girls Wear Pearls.

SV 13

…And here is the link to check out all the companies on Muffy Aldrich’s radar.


One thought on “The Duke and Duchess of New England

  1. What an interesting entry!!! Will be checking out the latest products at Kiel James Patrick’s websie. Thanks for the authentic chowder recipe. Sounds great! Looking forward to your next entry.

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