“Speedy” or “Audrey”?

Do you have a particular handbag that has become your signature bag?  Perhaps you splurged on a big purchase and now this bag has become your favorite and you carry it with you always.  Maybe all of your handbags are big splurges, but you have one that you absolutely love more than the others.

Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn each had their own signature handbags.  Not only were all three of these ladies born in 1929 and were 5’7″ tall, they also had impeccable fashion sense–which is one of the things that they are still admired for today.

speedy 14

Jackie O’s signature bag was her Italian Gucci hobo.  She carried this bag all over Europe, New York, and India.  Over the 1970’s and 1980’s, Jackie had many Gucci hobos in varying colors.  Once women all over the world saw Jackie with the Gucci bag, sales took off.  Gucci named the bag “Jackie” in her honor.

speedy 17

speedy 15

In 1956, Grace Kelly, who had become the new Princess of Monaco, was photographed carrying the French Hermès “Sac à dépêches” bag to shield her pregnant stomach from the the paparazzi. The photos were on the cover of Life magazine.  The Hermès bag became hugely popular all over the world and Hermès renamed the bag “Kelly” in honor of the movie-star-turned-princess who was credited for donning the first “It Bag”.

speedy 18

speedy 16

In 1965, film star, Audrey Hepburn, made a special request to Louis Vuitton.  She asked the French leathergoods house if they could make a mini version of their Keepall duffel just for her.  Audrey was a big fan of the Keepall, but wanted a smaller bag to be proportionate to her slender figure.  Louis Vuitton obliged Audrey’s request and created the “Speedy 25”.  The Speedy 25 became Audrey’s signature bag and has become Louis Vuitton’s best-selling handbag.  The LV Speedy 25 has become a classic and is now synonymous with good taste.  However, after nearly 50 years, Louis Vuitton has not renamed the bag “Audrey” in honor of the star who made the bag so wildly popular.

speedy 10

Gucci renamed their hobo for Jackie.  Hermès renamed their structured bag “Kelly” for Grace.  Isn’t is about time Louis Vuitton renames the “Speedy 25” satchel to “Audrey” for the lovely Ms. Hepburn?


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