My Mom, The Style Icon

For those of you who are Lucky Magazine readers, you are probably familiar with the last page of every edition, “Right Then, Right Now–My Mom, The Style Icon”. Readers and celebrities alike send in a photograph of their mothers, accompanied by a brief description of their mother’s fashion style. There are always pictures of products inspired by the photo of the featured mother.

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 1.08.09 AM

In honor of Mother’s Day on May 11th, I wanted to do a tribute to my own mother. My mom, Patricia, definitely inspired my fashion style. Her style is what I would describe as “classic preppy”. Some of her fashion staples that I remember are her beige trench coat, pencil skirts, espadrille sandals, pastel colored polos, big sunglasses, knee-high leather boots, and clutch handbags. Just like Coco Chanel, she never wears skirts above knee length. Just like Muffy Aldrich, she doesn’t like to wear black. And you will never catch my mother in a t-shirt, a sweatsuit, a tracksuit, Nikes, or without make-up! She is a petite woman (which I inherited) and knows how to dress for her figure, which is something that I learned from her style over the years. My mom wears delicate jewelry to compliment her small frame and she prefers conservative make-up and nail polish. She always looks stylish, classy, and well-put-together. Mom, I am very proud to be your daughter. Thanks for EVERYTHING that you have taught me!


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